Installing the right woodworker’s hardware is important if you want to make your finished project look professional and classy.

Whether you are building something from scratch, or refurbishing old kitchen cabinets, the right hardware can add that special touch.

Finding woodworking supplies isn’t that difficult these days. If you are interested in woodworking, you not only have local shops but online stores to fuel your hobby.

The trick is to find that woodworking hardware that meets your budget and fits the look you want – while providing quality. The last thing you want is cheap hardware that not only looks super cheap but falls apart after a little bit of use.

Types of Woodworker’s Hardware

If you are just starting out in woodworking, you may have lots of different projects you have your eyes on. The two main projects you might start with would be kitchens and general furniture.

1. What to Look for in Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware can be found in just about any big box hardware store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Sometimes, viewing that huge wall of cabinet pulls and door hinges can be a bit overwhelming.

The most important thing you need with kitchen cabinet hardware is good quality hinges to make sure the doors are strong and sturdy. You might consider spring loaded hinges for your kitchen cabinets to help with opening and closing.

Kitchen drawers will need durable drawer slides. Going cheap here could result in years of frustration afterwards.

Consider that your kitchen gets a tremendous amount of wear and tear from all members of the family. For this reason, you want to make sure your door and drawer pulls are not just decorative but can handle the abuse.

They should also be easy to clean. You don’t want dried up egg and ketchup stuck in the nooks and crannies of a drawer pull that has so much filigree the grime will never come out!

2. What to Look for in Furniture Hardware

Furniture hardware is actually not that different from kitchen cabinet hardware in many respects, and in some cases, you can use the same types of drawer or cabinet pulls as you would in your kitchen.

You will want to opt for strength with drawer slides and any hinges you might need for doors (for pantries, wardrobes, or dressers).

For drawer pulls and handles, how decorate versus functional will depend on the piece of furniture and how frequently it will be used.

The drawer pulls on your sock drawer, for example, should be fairly sturdy and comfortable to use as you will likely be using that drawer every day (unless you live in a place like Florida and usually wear sandals).

And, of course, knobs for children’s dressers and wardrobes need to be extra tough and a simpler design is better.

However, for drawers and doors that aren’t opened frequently, you can opt for more elaborate designs that might not be super comfortable to grab a hold of but look great as a decorate piece.

Other Considerations When Choosing Woodworker’s Hardware

When choosing the best fixtures and hardware for your woodworking, consider the following:

1. Value

Value is not just about price, but about getting the most for your money. Sure, that set of handles might be cheaper to buy, but if they break quickly, then they are actually more expensive in the long run.

“You get what you pay for” is not just a cliché. If you get the absolute cheapest hardware, then you can expect it to break sooner and tarnish.

2. Style

Generally speaking, you want to choose drawer pulls and door handles that fit the style of the wood carving that decorates your cabinets or furniture. This doesn’t always mean that both have to achieve the same level of “busyness.”

For example, you could have a cabinet with a lot of intricate, ornate carvings on it. You would not want to use hardware that is designed for a modern, streamlined mid-century look. However, you don’t necessarily need to go all “Baroque” either. You could choose something simple but that still fits the overall design of the cabinet.

3. Finish

What type of finish do you want? Brass? Pewter? Chrome? Be aware that some “finishes” are just that – finishes – and aren’t the actual metal used to make the product. It is better to get genuine brass than something painted to look like “brass.”

Get Quality Woodworker’s Hardware

To put the best finishing touches on your woodworking project, try to get the best hardware that suits the design and will last. You will be happier with the result in the long run!

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