Your tools are an investment. To keep them in good condition and working effectively, no matter the project or task, you should store them correctly.

For the best tool storage, you need to choose the right toolbox. However, the kind you need depends on the type of tools you own, where and when you use them, and how many you need to store.

Here are the different options you may want to consider depending on your tool inventory.

5 Tool Box Options for Storing Your Tools

Do you need tool storage? Some of the most common options for keeping them safe, secure, and organized include portable and stationary toolboxes, rolling toolboxes, truck-mounted tool chests, and workbench/toolbox hybrids.

1. Rolling Toolboxes

If you need a toolbox you can move around your workshop, garage, or machine shed, a rolling option may be the right choice for you.

Rolling toolboxes are larger for storing more tools, but they aren’t portable outside of your work area. These are usually tall, upright storage containers with wheels on the bottom. They’ll have large drawers for large tools, and smaller drawers on top for smaller tools.

If you don’t need to travel with your tools, but have a larger inventory you need to keep accessible within your workshop, a rolling type is a handy solution.

2. Portable Toolboxes

Portable toolboxes are what most people think of when they think of tool storage.

These boxes are rectangular, open with a metal clasp or lock, and have a handle for carrying from job to job.

Most are made of heavy-duty plastic, metal, or canvas and have various compartments tucked inside for storing the most common tools. They’re ideal for storing and transporting small, hand-held tools like wrenches, hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers.

If you work in repairs, or if you just need to tote your tools for around-the-house jobs, a small, portable toolbox is the perfect option.

Of course, the biggest con of using a small portable tool box is the limited storage space. If you find you need a bit more room for the tools you need to carry with you, there are also portable, rolling options about the size of a suitcase.

3. Truck-Mounted Toolboxes

If you have large tools you need to take with you to job sites or projects, a truck-mounted toolbox is a big help.

These are usually made of steel or some other type of indestructible metal, and are mounted and bolted to the bed of your truck. The lid will lock so your tools remain secure.

This type of toolbox is best for storing and transporting large tools like electric saws, nail guns, screwdrivers, and other power tools.

Keep in mind that truck-mounted tool chests take up a lot of room in the truck bed. If you need that space for other purposes (like hauling/transporting materials), you might want to invest in a different type of storage.

4. Stationary Toolboxes

If you have plenty of tools lying around in your workshop, chances are you need lots of storage for them.

Stationary toolboxes can hold a lot of tools, help keep them dry and secure, and organize your work area. These will usually have wheels, but they’re only meant for initial placement of the tool chest.

Stationary tool chests are best for you if you have a ton of tools that you need to keep safe and organized in your workshop.

These are hard to move once they’re in place, however, and they take up quite a bit of square footage. They’re best for you if you have the available space and don’t need portable storage.

5. Toolbox/Workbench Hybrids

If you need a flexible work area plus storage that can move where you need it, a toolbox/workbench hybrid is for you.

This type features a rolling toolbox that has a big work surface attached. It comes in all kinds of widths and materials and makes a perfect portable workstation for lots of jobs, hobbies, and tinkering.

This is the type to get if you have a garage but not a designated workstation for your building and repairing projects.

The Right Toolbox Can Help You Stay Organized and Efficient

Undoubtedly, if you own and use tools, you need a place to store them.

The right storage will keep them safe, but it will also ensure they stay in good condition for a longer period of time. This will help you get the most use out of your tools.

Think about how you use your personal inventory of tools before deciding on the type of storage you need. Choosing the best storage for your needs will inevitably make your life easier.

You may also use your tools more because they’ll be right where you need them every single time.

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