Carpentry and woodworking are trades that have lost a lot of mainstream appeal in recent years. That doesn’t mean that elaborately detailed craftsmanship and wood carving displays go unnoticed even by the most untrained eye. Even in the presence of so many distracting technological advancements. Carpentry and woodwork will forever remain and be a requirement in the curation of the everyday tools. We use and the environments we function in on a daily basis.

Even though woodwork may feel as if it is an overlooked trade. We’ve been blessed with forever progressing technology that provides us with the accuracy and pinpoint precision. creating treasured pieces of furniture and artwork. And in order to achieve masterpiece craftsmanship, a good place to start is with high-quality scroll saws. To provide you with the ability to create one of a kind wood crafted products and items.

Scrolling is not just a useful method for wood carving; it is also considered an art form. Should be respected by anyone who has ever worked in carpentry or with their hands to create in general. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top five scroll saws on the market for you to compare the pros and cons. Possibly invest in for your next and most useful power tool for your carpentry needs. Check them out for yourselves right now.

5. Shop Fox W1713

Shop Fox isn’t one of the most prestigious power tool companies on the market. The brand does produce one of the best high-caliber reasonably priced scroll saws available today. The Shop Fox W1713 features a simplistic construction that lacks a multitude of distracting features. That can possibly get in the way of your woodworking production. The Shop Fox W1713 does enable customers to do one thing extremely effectively. That’s to provide its users with the best potential scrolling experience possible.

What this particular scroll saw does offer is practicality in a variety of ways. The Shop Fox W1713 allows its users to utilize both pinned and unpinned blades. Providing woodworkers the ability to have a wider variety of scrolling options and creative usages for the unit. Even though the Shop Fox W1713 is a practical scrolling tool. It still has some innovative aspects to aid its users with features like an overhead lighting system. In order to provide the necessary vision to make pinpoint precision cuts on intended targets.

The unit also features a dust blower and dust port to keep your workspace clean. As well as a variable speed component. Which is fairly standard of a high-caliber power saw like the Shop Fox W1713.

Unfortunately, the Shop Fox W1713 does have one major constructive flaw. That the unit does not handle dense wood in comparison to some other diluent and thin-framed wood bases.

The Pros Of The Shop Fox W1713

  • Overhead light
  • Dust blower and port features for cleaner workspace areas
  • Both pinned and unpinned blade with adjustable capabilities allowing for more woodworking options
  • Variable speed components

The Cons Of The Shope Fox W1713

  • Struggles scrolling through dense wood

4. DeWalt DW788

DeWalt is known for providing its customers with high-quality power tools including a multitude of reliable options. For any job you need to complete with precision and excellence. The DeWalt DW788 does exactly that in regards to all of your scrolling necessities. First and foremost, the saw allows its users a tool-free blade changing experience. Providing its owners with an easily maintainable scroll saw.

The DeWalt DW788 also features a dual arm construction which majorly reduces vibration. Designed to perform easy inside engravings with pivot capabilities for shorter and smoother cuts. That provide customers the ability to utilize the blade for more intricately designed and detailed projects.

Like any other saw, the DeWalt DW788 has cons that come with the product. With an average pricing point of $489 on general market, some might say this particular saw is somewhat pricey. Also, the saw’s inability to easily make 90-degree cuts due. To the tilted blade construction has caused some scroll saw seekers and users to disapprove of this particular model.

The Pros Of The DeWalt DW788

  • Easily interchangeable tool-free blade changing experience
  • Dual arm construction reduces vibration for a more precise scrolling/cutting experience
  • Easy access to interior cuts

The Cons Of The DeWalt DW788

  • The high pricing point
  • 90-degree cuts are slightly difficult to perform

3. WEN 3920

WEN is another one of those high-caliber power tool manufacturers known for their high-quality woodworking products. And the WEN 3920 is one of those saws that any carpentry creative would want to have in their arsenal. The WEN 3920 accepts blades from multiple directions allowing its users maximum scrolling capabilities resulting more creative ripping options. This saw is also widely respected for its spacious cast iron workspace table (16x11in). That levels up to a 45-degree angle and reduces vibration with ease.

The WEN 3920 is also extremely affordable with an average pricing point under $100 at $85.56 per unit. Not to mention, an overhead LED light allows for maximum visibility while scrolling. A variable speed component that comes complete with an adjustable range of 400 to 1,600 strokes per minute. And a dust port for the safety of your lungs and cleanliness of your workspace.

Just like any other product on the market, the WEN 3920 has its cons as well. Unfortunately, the WEN 3920 unit is designed for smaller woodworking projects. Some customers have complained that the variable speed component is nonfunctioning at times. Which does not guarantee that this feature is flawed in all machines but a defect of some units purchased in the past.

The Pros Of The WEN 3920

  • Extremely affordable
  • Large and firm workspace table
  • Adjustable speed component
  • Overhead LED light

The Cons Of The WEN 3920

  • Not useful for large woodwork projects
  • Defective variable speed component

2. Dremel MS20-01

The Dremel MS20-01 is one of better scroll saws on market in terms of quality, reliability, and affordability. For carpenters and woodworkers who are in search of a high-performance power saw that wouldn’t break the bank. The Dremel MS20-01 has an eBay starting price of $91.99. Despite the low pricing point, the unit is user-friendly and effective. An adjustable dust port allows the user’s workspace to maintain optimum cleanliness. And avoid harmfully breathable debris from entering area while an auto-tension component makes blade and accessory changes breeze.

The product also features a detachable function that allows the saw to be attached to a multitude of different surfaces. Including benches, tables, and a plethora of alternate and stable stationary objects. Not to mention, the Dremel MS20-01 features a relatively smooth and quiet motor complete. With a variable speed component for a wider variety of different scrolling styling capabilities.

The only downside of the Dremel MS20-01 appears to be the unit’s lack of power and ability. To cut through dense and thick wood surfaces. Which is a downfall of some of the alternate products mentioned on the list as well.

The Pros Of The Dremel MS20-01

  • Extremely affordable for woodworkers on a budget
  • Adjustable speed component
  • Easy to mount and a detachable unit

The Cons Of The Dremel MS20-01

  • Lack of overall motor power
  • Difficulties scrolling dense wood

1. Jet 727200K

Last but not least. The ultimate high-quality wood crafting machine in the Jet 727200K scroll saw complete with its own stand. This particular unit is definitely not for beginner wood crafters and carpenters most likely requires its own storage space. Despite its bulky aesthetic, Jet 727200K is actually a lightweight unit complete with vibration resistant technology, simplistic blade changing capabilities. Quiet running motor, a variable speed component for precision scrolling, and an adjustable stand for users of any height. Not to mention, this high-caliber scroll saw is powerful enough to cut through nearly impenetrable wood bases.

Just like the other units on this list, this particular saw does come with flaws. One of the most expensive units on the market with an average pricing point of $979.99 on Amazon. The size of Jet 727200K is to be considered when making the choice to purchase your next scroll saw.

The Pros Of The Jet 727200K

  • Quiet running
  • Vibration reducing technology
  • Easy blade replacing system
  • Adjustable unit for all heights

The Cons Of The Jet 727200K

  • High priced
  • Requires storage accommodations

Closing Factors To Consider When Purchasing Scroll Saws

Regardless of your choice when considering purchasing scroll saws. Be sure to make sure the unit fits all of your woodworking and carpentry necessities. If you’re in search of high-caliber scroll saws that are dependable, lightweight, user-friendly, adjustable for your workspace. Minimal hassle during the blade replacement process, and produces high-quality results check out the listed items above. If none of these suit your standards or requirements. Feel free to reach out to us here at. The Woodcraftsman today and we’ll point you in the right direction of your scroll saw needs.

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