Even with all the modern electrical saws and gadgets that work wonders for carpenters and woodworkers, many still prefer to use the classic handsaws and other manual tools. If nothing else, they like to have them available for backup since electrical tools are not always reliable. Here are some details on the best hand saws and other tools for woodworking.

The Best Hand Saw on the Market

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What are the Different Types of Hand Saws

There are many different types of hand saws out there, but the four that are most commonly used by those in the trade include Crosscut Hand Saws, Dovetail Saws, the Dozuki, and the Coping Saw.

Crosscut Saw

A Crosscut saw is a great tool to use if you are always creating small wooden parts for furniture and other projects. They are good for working with pulls, drawer stops and moldings. These saws are slightly longer than the dovetail saw, and the saw hook helps you hold the workpiece still while cutting.

Check Out These Crosscut Saws

Dovetail Saw

Most people will purchase a dovetail saw to create their own dovetails in wood projects, but they soon find out that these saws may be used in several other ways. They can be used to create notches for shelving or to add in a drawer divider. For best results, its recommended that you find a dovetail. Saw that has a pistol grip handle, which makes it easier to control the cut.

Check Out These Dovetail Saws


The dozuki is a thin and flexible blade that has a straight handle. It is good for cutting pegs. The tip of the blade makes it easier to hold and control the saw while on its side. Just be sure to purchase one with a replaceable blade since the blades can kink easily.

Check Out Dozuki Saws

Coping Saw

A coping saw features a thin blade and is excellent for use with cutting curves. This is a great tool to use when cutting out waste and perfect for woodworkers who love adding a customized design to their pieces. Look for one with a comfortable blade that makes it easy to maneuver. You should also get a blade that has a fine cut since they do cut slower than other blades.

Best Selling Coping Saws

The Best Hand Jigsaw 

A jigsaw is a must-have item for woodworking and a great tool to use for cutting curves, pocket cuts and inside cutouts. One of the top-rated hand jigsaws out there today is easily the Bosch JS470E. This 120-Volt top handle jigsaw operates on 6.4 Amps. It features a variable speed dial of 500-2800 strokes per minute and one-touch blade change. This product is strong and durable enough for daily use. It has a hard-plastic body and feature a soft grip. Each Bosch EVSL Jigsaw comes with a saw, three blades, anti-splitter insert, and a LBOXX 2 carrying case. This is one of the most powerful and precise jigsaws currently on the market and creates highly accurate cuts with no blade wander.

BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw
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The Top Crosscut Hand Saws 

Cross cut hand saws feature teeth that are designed to do just as their name implies. These saws have a total tooth angle of 60 degrees. The front edge is at 15 degrees while the back edge is at 45 degrees. The teeth also feature a beveled edge which will sheer the wood fibers whenever cutting against the grain. Since they don’t do well when attempting to rip wood, the crosscut hand saw isn’t intended for use as a multi-purpose saw. Yet they are still a necessary item for all woodworkers to have.

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Tips for Purchasing the Best Woodworking Hand Saws 

Whether you purchase a brand-new hand saw or are interested in buying antique saws and restoring them back to their natural beauty, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying these saws. There are several different brands of hand saws out there, and if you want to purchase a quality saw that will last for many years to come, you want to find one made by one of these highly reputable brands. Some of the most desirable out there include A.F. Shotwell, Lie-Nielsen, Richard Groves & Sons, Thomas Tillotson & Co., Thomas Turner, Wenzlaff & Sons and Kenyon.

If you don’t want to invest in buying every type of handsaw there is, but you would like to have some on hand for future use, there are some essential handsaws that you should buy to get started with woodworking. These include the Rip-toothed hand saw, a cross cut hand saw, and a rip dovetail back saw.

Hand saws may seem like an ancient tool, but there are many modern-day woodworkers who enjoy using them along with or in place of their electric counterparts. There are several different types of hand saws out there and each one has a different purpose. You may need all of them or just a few to complete your woodworking projects, however it is a good idea to keep some of these on hand since you never know when the opportunity to use them may arise.

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