The double desk can bring form and function to any office space. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your home office, or setting up a professional workspace, this article can give you some excellent ideas. A double desk can be minimalist, modern and sleek or classic with tons of storage. A double office set up can provide two people privacy and distraction-free work. Some employers use it to bring together a team of professionals who need to work together throughout the day.Whether you’re looking for a professional setup for two or a homework station for the kids any of these options will give you some beautiful ideas. From farmhouse to sleek, DIY to posh there is something for every personality and every budget.

What is a Double Desk?

A second desk is a workspace for two people. That being said, a double desk can be almost anything you can imagine. It can be a simple built-in ledge to use with laptops that only takes a small space. It can be two large executive desks with a wall of bookcases giving each person their storage and nook. Below you can find the perfect setup for you. There are so many varieties of a second desk workspace.

Double Desk DIY

Don’t have a lot of time, or you’re on a tight budget? With a few dollars and an old door or a countertop, one can easily make a double desk.  Here’s one way you can spruce up your home office on a dime.

Materials Needed:

  • Re-purposed door
  • Paint of your choice
  • Trim or molding of your choice (optional)
  • 4 table legs
  • 4 straight top plates (These are for the table legs)
  • Wood glue



  1. Starting with your re-purposed door, spray paint to match your decor.  Or you can sand and paint. 
  2. Attach straight top plates to the bottom of the door.
  3. Attach table legs.
  4. Optional: Attach decorative trim or molding of your choice to make the desk look like a finished product. Use wood glue to attach to the door.
  5. Take off the doorknob if there is one and use this to feed the power cords through. Or if only an indentation, you can cover with decor to hide.

This comfortable and quick project can give the DIY enthusiast an excellent desk for two in a little to no time and a super low budget. The desk can be as simple or as ornate as your creativity allows.

Top 6 Ideas

Double Pedestal Reception Desk

The Kallax 

​The Kallax system available at Ikea is an excellent system for those who need extra storage. The Kallax is available in a 2×4, 4×4 or 5×5 they can configure shelving unit as back-to-back desks that are facing each other or a counter on each side of the group. The Kallax is an excellent fit for people who love a classic yet simple look and need extra storage in their office. The Kallax is a superb option for crafters or families with children who need that extra storage space, along with lots of room to spread out projects. The Kallax is also a great budget-friendly option. The Kallax comes in many finishes and a few color options. The Kallax can also turn into a DIY project. Some people have painted the shelves a color of their choice, or even stacked units up against a wall to make a floor to ceiling library with desks. This is an excellent option for the book-lovers of the world. One can never have too many bookshelves.

Built-In Desk With Bookshelves

If you have a nook or an open wall, this could be a great option. Placing two desks of your choice side by side with built-in bookshelves above is an excellent way to fill up dead space on an open wall. This can be set up in a few different ways. You can have horizontal shelves running the wall or, you could install a bookshelf that floats in between the two desks and provides privacy for each user. This is an excellent option for those who want a classic, clean look. It can also make this look like you’ve had professional built-ins installed but for much lower costs.

Floating Desk with Drawers

This double desk system is great if you don’t have a lot of room but still need enough place for two people to sit and work. This setup uses a long shelve or tabletop attached to a drawer unit at each end. It’s an excellent option for people who want a sleek modern look with not a lot of space lost. It’s the perfect set up for someone who uses a laptop or iPad, or someone who writes by hand. This configuration is made with so many tops and shelves. You could do a marble desktop and metal drawers for a girly decor, primary or pastel colors in a kid’s workspace, or all white in a professional environment. You can leave the wall behind blank, fill it in with artwork, a mural, an accent pop of paint, or with shelves! There are so many things you can do to make this option work for you. 

Back to Back Desks

If room and disruptions are a non-issue, this can be a fantastic option that provides for plenty of space for each person. These desks give each person a ton of room to work while being able to communicate throughout the day without the need to get up. There are many options on the market depending on what your decor and budget are. This would be a fantastic option for a small start-up where constant communication and ideas are being shared all day. It’s also an excellent way for a couple who works at home to spend quality time together as they work through their prospective days. The desks can be placed in many configurations. The desks can be set side by side against a wall, chairs in the middle or even in an L-shaped configuration. Desks can be as simple or as ornate as you choose. Classic or modern, lots of storage or none. Simple metal desks or wooden desks with tons of room.

Long Trestle Table

Sometimes it’s not about using a desk at all, but making something, you love, like this awesome trestle table! This is a great option for people who may need to share a workspace but not have a dedicated office space. This table can double as a kitchen table, homework space for the kids, you name it. With a variety of options like size, wood, glass, and marble; you can pick a style that works for you and your budget. This is a great option for the family where mom or dad work from home, but needs to stay where the action is. It’s also a great option for the small apartment/studio space as it can function as so many pieces of furniture: a desk, dining table, craft table, an extra counter space, etc. This can also be a great option for the company that values teamwork and working as a group throughout the day. Multiple people could congregate at a decent sized trestle table for a quick meeting. A few trestle tables could also be configured in a U shape to foster communication throughout your office and staff. 

Modern and Sleek

The simple lines and pops of color make this desk for two stands out. Using neutral colors and a few bold pops of colors can make a once dull area shine. The hard chairs and artwork add more pops of color yet keep the design incredibly sleek. The shelving adds both architectural interest and storage.This option is perfect for those chic and artsy types who have a home studio and frequent client meetings. Having an office area that catches the eye will make your home studio look even more professional. It’s the perfect backdrop for some incredible artwork you want to showcase to clients.


No matter what type of look you’re going for, it’s never been easier to choose a double desk configuration. There are so many types of desks out there. From the classic farmhouse look to the ultramodern glass desk and metal Eames chairs, there is indeed something for every person and every decor. Once you’re ready to design the office of your dreams, you’ll be armed with a wealth of options and ideas for storage, and configurations that are bold, classy and modern. Just because you have a desk doesn’t mean it automatically needs to go against the wall. Adding art, paint and decor can showcase an office area, even with the most budget-friendly of desks.Sharing an office area with someone no longer has to be dull and neutral. Gone are the days of stuffy chairs and dark furniture. Let your imagination roam! 

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