All efficient woodworkers need a reliable way to store their lumber. If you hope to work capably in your shop, then you need to have a lumber storage setup in place that promotes sturdy and easy-to-access storage. This is where a good lumber storage rack can come into play.

In this piece, we will look at five of the best lumber racks on the market and briefly touch on some of the simple steps you can take to find the best lumber storage setup for you.

5 of the Best Lumber Storage Racks

A good lumber rack can come with a number of different storage capabilities and there are many special racks on the market that can service any woodworker’s needs. Here, we will specifically focus on five of the best racks that money can buy.

1. Ecotric Max 600-pound Steel 6-Shelf Lumber Storage Rack

6 Levels Shelf Lumber Rack Lumber Storage Rack Lumber Organizer Wood...
  • 6 Shelf Lumber Rack Lumber Storage Rack Lumber Organizer Wood Organizer Steel Wall Mounted Max 600 Lb. Finish:...
  • An excellent solution to managing tight storage spaces of lumber, moldings, pipes, PVC, and more--neatly and safely....
  • Place long objects like lumber, pipes, gutters, or skis between pipe shelves. The bars are also strong enough to hang...

Easily installable and customizable, this 41” by 12.5” powder-coated rack comes with two vertical bars, 12 horizontal bars, and six spacers. Ecotric boasts its rack’s manageability in tight storage spaces such as basements, garages, and sheds, as well as its ability to effectively and safely store anything from lumber to moldings to PVC.

The rack goes for about $40, but a special lip can also be added to the shelves to store rounder materials or to prevent items from rolling off. Another great feature is that by mounting the lumber rack closer to the ceiling, you can customize the bottommost rack to store power cords or tools.

2. Kastforce KF1003 3-Level Lumber Storage Rack

KASTFORCE KF1004 Lumber Storage Rack 3-Level System 110lbs per Level...
  • Lumber Storage Rack 3-level System
  • Installed size: 17” (430mm) height, 48~72” (1220mm~1800mm) wide, 13” (330mm) shelves
  • 6.25” (160mm) between each level

If you don’t need as many as six levels of storage, then this three-level system by Kastforce may be perfect for you. Available for about $32, this rack has measurements of 17” by 48-72” by 13”. With 6.25” between them, each level can hold up to 110 pounds.

This easy-to-install rack is perfect for storing a great variety of materials and can be used in a number of applications from basements to sheds to outdoor fences.

3. Portamate PBR-001 6-Level Lumber Storage Rack

Bora Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Metal Rack with 6-Level Wall...
  • PERFECT FOR STORAGE: Store all your building supplies without taking up too much space in your garage, basement, shed or...
  • WALL MOUNTED: Our storage saver is easy to install on the walls of your garage or workshop to increase your storage...
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY OF 600 LBS: Quality industrial storage equipment holds a significant amount of weight, which is why each...

With 600 total pounds of storage, this wall-mounted rack is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and the high-quality powder-coated steel construction can sturdily hold just about any material. Able to be mounted on anything from drywall to steel wall to a wood fence, this 41” by up to 72” by 12.25” system (which goes for around $50) comes with a lip add-on, and the bottom rack can also be customized for power cord and power tool storage.

4. Titan 6-Shelf Lumber Storage Rack

TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS 6-Level Storage Rack, Rated 600 LB, Wall-Mounted...
  • PRACTICAL USAGE: Make shelves to store lumber, pipes, gutters, and other objects off the floor; Individual pegs can be...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and fully customizable to fit your storage needs. Mounting hardware included.
  • VERSATILITY: Pegs can be removed to add to shelf height; Add wooden boards to make solid shelves.

Ideal for four to six feet storage distances though easily customizable for any storage needs, this durable and easy-to-install wood rack is perfect for storing those long pieces of lumber. Costing around $41, this rack can store up to 600 pounds’ worth of materials.

The great thing about this system and many of the others on the market is that you can remove pegs to add shelf height and even install wooden boards to make solid shelves. Need a place to hang skis, guitars, or other equipment? You can add on additional pegs to accommodate any extra storage.

5. Vestil SR-WM Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

Cantilever Rack Add-On Kit - Single Sided - 12'H x 8" Upright Column...
  • 12'H x 8" upright column (1)
  • 48" base (1)
  • 48" x 5" arms (2)

With steel construction and a bright zinc plated finish, this seven-level system, which measures in at a height of 60” overall, has a rack capacity of a whopping 1,000 pounds. Of the seven arms included in this rack, three 18” arms have a 9” height clearance while four 15” arms come equipped with a 7 1/4 height clearance.

At $90, this storage rack is one of the most expensive out there but is also one of the most impressive when it comes to design aesthetic and storage capabilities.

Finding the Lumber Storage Method That Works Best for You

From a wood cart to a rotating tower, there are a number of ways to store lumber, so do not think that a wood storage rack is the only way to go. That being said, many woodworkers do prefer to use lumber racks due to their sturdiness and easy accessibility.

It is really all about finding the right storage system that works for you, and you need to take several things into account before settling on that ideal storage method. Consider what your woodworking space is like as well as the sorts of materials that you regularly use or need to have stored. You will also want to think about your budget. Perhaps you are even in the market for several different storage methods.

If you are not maximizing efficiency in your woodworking space, then those projects could present more of a hassle than anything. Above all, you want your lumber and other materials to be as easily accessible as possible. Whether that is best done with the help of a lumber storage rack is ultimately up for you to determine.



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