Every woodworker needs a great workbench. And sure, you can always go out and buy one, but building a work table with your own two hands could not only save you some money but also provide you with some solid woodworking practice. After all, nothing beats a great DIY project, and you can turn the site of future woodworking ventures into a fun project in and of itself.

In this piece, we will provide you with five workbench DIY plans available online that will give you some workbench ideas and teach you how to build a workbench in no time.

5 DIY Workbench Plans

Before you go ahead and build that workbench, you need to have the right set of plans. Keep in mind that the plans we’ve included here do not include the necessary materials, but only the instructions on how to make the workbench.

1. American Furniture Design’s Build-Your-Own Workbench Plan

American Furniture Design’s Build-Your-Own Workbench Plan

Photo credit to A Concord Carpenter

For $20, you can buy this DIY workbench plan that only requires a beginner’s skill level. To make this bench, you will need hand tools and clamps, a table saw, a mortising machine, and a router. So, hopefully, you have these tools on hand or are willing to purchase them (a good many projects will require you to utilize these tools anyway).

When it’s all said and done, this acorn workbench will end up measuring in at 34 1/2” high, 24” wide, and 79” long. The finished bench will also come equipped with a double row of dog holes and a full-width end vise. Additionally, at mounted level with the opposite end of the bench is a face vise, which is supported with steel guide rods like the end vise.

2. Fine Woodworking’s Essential Workbench Plan

Fine Woodworking’s Essential Workbench Plan

Photo credit to Fine Woodworking

Perfect for woodworkers with an intermediate skill level, this workbench will end up having dimensions of 34 1/2” by 27 3/4″ by 78 1/2″. To properly build this work table, you will need a drill press, a crosscut saw, a table saw, a portable planer, a router, and other various hand tools.

Like the American Furniture Design plan, this plan also costs $20 and includes component templates, a detailed cultist, and full-size and completely-to-scale drawings.

3. The Family Handyman’s Garage Workbench Plan

The Family Handyman’s Garage Workbench Plan

Photo credit to Family Handyman

If you have a beginner to intermediate woodworking skill level, this garage workbench plan from The Family Handyman could be perfect for you.

It shouldn’t take much longer than a day to complete, and the tools you will need include a drill, jigsaw, circular saw, and various other smaller materials.

With a shelf for simple storage and easy-to-assemble drawers, this finished workbench will also come equipped with an expanding top that folds out and is perfect if you need an extra workspace. When you’re not using it, simply tuck it away and it’ll be as if it’s not even there.

4. DIY Network’s Fold-Down Workbench Plan

Fold-Down Workbench Plan

Photo credit to Ana White

Ideal for that smaller workshop space, this workbench, as the name suggests, is attached to the wall and folds right into it when it is not being used. How’s that for a great space saver?

Materials-wise, all you will need is plywood, 2×4 boards, 1×4 boards, a piano hinge, and wood cleats. It shouldn’t take you much longer than a couple hours to build this workbench, and the cost of materials won’t run higher than $50.

5. Build Something’s Easy Build Workbench Plan

Easy Build Workbench Plan

Photo credit to handgunsband.com

This plan is perfect for any level of woodworker (it is referred to as an “easy build workbench plan,” after all). Since the plan calls for you to add casters and the finished product is a compact and sturdy bench, this plan is perfect for making several easily movable benches that you can fill a larger workspace with.

When it comes to supplies, you will just need several dozen 2” Kreg screws, about 16 2” finishing nails, and four casters (with screws for those as well). As far as wood materials are concerned, you will need one 4×8 full sheet of birch, two 2×6 boards, and four 2×4 boards. You will also need a pair of Kreg clamps, a pocket-hole jig, a drill, a miter saw, a sander, and a table saw.

You Could Be on Your Way to Making That Perfect Workbench in No Time

Once you have the right workbench plans, you’re ready to start construction on your workbench.

Remember that while all of the plans included here are for beginners, you won’t want to get too cocky or careless during table construction. Even the most seemingly simple of projects require the proper safety precautions as well as patience and precision. Treat the workbench building process just like you would any other woodworking project.

Ideally, the workbench you end up making will last through a great number of projects, so take your time when building it, and it could serve you well in future woodworking endeavors.

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